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A Gun For Ringo (From The Film My Name Is Nobody) - Hollywood Studio Orchestra - 20 Famous Wester

Label: Laser - 46023 • Format: Cassette Compilation • Country: Netherlands • Genre: Stage & Screen • Style: Soundtrack, Theme
Download A Gun For Ringo (From The Film My Name Is Nobody) - Hollywood Studio Orchestra  - 20 Famous Wester

He took part in the Mason County War during which he committed his first murder. He was arrested and charged with murder, but escaped from jail shortly before his death. He got into a confrontation in Tombstone with Doc Holliday and was suspected by Wyatt Earp of having taken part in the attempted murder of Virgil Earp and the ambush and death of Morgan Earp. Ringo was found dead with a bullet wound to his temple. Johnny Ringo was born in Washington, Indianaof distant Dutch ancestry.

He was a loosely related cousin to the Younger brothers through his aunt Augusta Peters Inskip, who married Coleman P. Younger, uncle of the outlaws. Inhis family moved to Gallatin, Missouri where they rented property from the father of John W. On July 30,when Johnny was 14, his family was in Wyoming en route to California. His father Martin Ringo was killed when he stepped off their wagon holding a shotgun which accidentally discharged. The buckshot entered the right side of Martin's face and exited the top of his head.

The family buried Martin on a hillside alongside the trail. Here he befriended an ex- Texas Ranger named Scott Cooley, who was the adopted son of a local rancher named Tim Williamson. Trouble started when two American rustlersElijah and Pete Backus, were dragged from A Gun For Ringo (From The Film My Name Is Nobody) - Hollywood Studio Orchestra - 20 Famous Wester Mason jail and lynched by a predominantly German mob. Cooley and his friends, including Johnny Ringo, conducted a terror campaign against their rivals.

Cooley already had a reputation as a dangerous man, and was respected as a Texas Ranger. He killed several others during the "war". After Cooley supporter Moses Baird was killed, Ringo committed his first murder on September 25,when he and a friend named Bill Williams rode up in front of the house of James Cheyney, the man who led Baird into the ambush.

Cheyney came out unarmed, invited them in, and began washing his face on the porch, when both Ringo and Williams shot and killed him. The two then rode to the house of Dave Doole and called him outside, but he came out with a gun so they fled back into town. After that, both men were jailed in Burnet, Texas by Sheriff A. Both Ringo and Cooley were broken out of jail by their friends shortly thereafter, and parted company to evade A Gun For Ringo (From The Film My Name Is Nobody) - Hollywood Studio Orchestra - 20 Famous Wester law.

By Novemberthe Mason County War had petered out after about a dozen individuals had been killed. Scott Cooley was thought to be dead, and Johnny Ringo and his pal George Gladden were locked up once again. One of Ringo's alleged cellmates was the notorious killer John Wesley Hardin. Two years later, Ringo was a constable in Loyal Valley, Texas. Soon after this, he traveled to Arizona for the first time. In Decembera drunk Ringo shot unarmed Louis Hancock in a Safford, Arizona saloon when Hancock refused a complimentary drink of whiskey, stating that he preferred beer.

Hancock survived his wound. In Tombstone, ArizonaRingo had a reputation as having a bad temper. He may have participated in robberies and killings with the Cochise Safeword - Adaptive Reaction - Carjack My Heart Cowboysa loosely associated group of outlaws.

He was occasionally erroneously referred to as "Ringgold" Electric Blue - Arcade Fire - सब कुछ अब local newspapers.

On January 17,Ringo and Doc Holliday traded threats and seemed to be headed into a gunfight. Both men were arrested by Tombstone's chief of police, James Flynn, and hauled before a judge for carrying weapons in town. Both were fined. Judge William H. Stilwell followed up on charges outstanding against Ringo for a robbery in Galeyville and Ringo was re-arrested and jailed on January 20 for the weekend.

Deputy U. After the shooting, the Earps and a federal posse set out on a vendetta to find and kill the others they held responsible for ambushing Virgil and Morgan. The county Oh How I Try - Johnny Mathis With Nelson Riddle And His Orchestra - Ill Buy You A Star pursued but never found the Earps' posse.

Earp told his biographer, Stuart Lake, that a man named Florentino Cruz confessed to being the lookout at Morgan's murder and identified Ringo, Stilwell, Swilling, and Brocius as Morgan's killers, [12] though modern researchers have cast doubt on Earp's account. His feet were wrapped in strips of cloth torn from his undershirt, probably because his horse had gotten loose from its picket and bolted with his boots tied to the saddle—a method commonly used at that time to keep scorpions out of them.

There was a bullet hole in his right temple and an exit wound at the back of his head. His revolver had one round expended and was found hanging by one finger in his hand.

His horse was found two miles away with his boots still tied to the saddle. A coroner's inquest officially ruled his death a suicide. Ringo's body is buried near the base of the tree where it was discovered. The grave is located on private land and permission is needed to visit the site.

As Ringo attempted to flee up the canyon, Earp shot him with a rifle. Traywick considers the Earp theory the most credible, as only Earp had sufficient motive, he was probably in the area at the time, and near the end of his life, reportedly told one historian "in circumstantial detail how he killed John Ringo". In an interview with a reporter in Denver inEarp denied that he had killed Johnny Ringo.

Inhe was interviewed by an agent of California historian Hubert H. However, Earp included details that do not match what is known about Ringo's death.

Earp repeated that claim to at least three other people. The Holliday theory is similar to the Earp theory, except that Holliday is alleged to have killed Ringo. However, a writ of capias was issued for him on the 11th, suggesting that he did not in fact appear in court on that date.

Ringo's body was found on the 14th. Some accounts attribute Ringo's death to Michael O'Rourkean itinerant gambler who was arrested in Tucson in January on suspicion of murdering a mining engineer named Henry Schneider. Wyatt Earp A Gun For Ringo (From The Film My Name Is Nobody) - Hollywood Studio Orchestra - 20 Famous Wester said to have protected him from being lynched by a mob organized and led by Ringo.

O'Rourke escaped from jail in April and never stood trial on the murder charges. The last documented sighting of O'Rourke was in the Dragoon Mountains near Tombstone during May"well-mounted and equipped", and presumably on his way out Wederopstanding Der Veenlijken - Botulistum / Christfighter - Botulistum / Christfighters Split Tap the territory.

While some sources consider the story plausible, [25] others point out that O'Rourke, like Holliday, would have been reluctant to re-enter Arizona with a murder warrant hanging over his head, particularly to commit another murder. A theory popular in the years immediately following Ringo's death named "Buckskin" Frank Leslie as his killer. While many believed his story, others thought he was simply claiming credit for it to curry favor with Earp's inner circle, or for whatever notoriety it might bring him.

In a popular but unsubstantiated story, Billy Claiborne 's last words, after losing a gunfight En Dags Pause - Jahn Teigen - Hopp 78-83 Leslie in Novemberwere, "Frank Leslie killed John Ringo.

I saw him do it. Confessions of Johnny Ringoa fictionalized memoir. Ringo is depicted as a bookish and introspective observer of his era whose sweetheart is killed by Union troops during the Civil War. He is driven to become an outlaw until he is killed by Wyatt Earp. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see Johnny Ringo disambiguation. Greens Fork, Indiana. Chiricahua rangeCochise CountyArizona Territory. Main article: Mason County War. University of Arizona Press. Retrieved 15 February Gallatin North Missourian. Archived from the original on Tombstone History. Texas History. Hardin Biography p. However Ringo was acquitted in May !

Doc Holliday: The Life and Legend. January 29, Legends of America. Wyatt Earp: Frontier Marshal. Houghton Mifflinp. All That's Interesting. Retrieved Phoenix New Times. Retrieved 29 May New Haven, Conn. Pioneer Days in Arizona. MacMillanp. Archived from the original on April 6, Retrieved April 16, Archived from the original on August 31, Doc Holliday: a Family Portrait.

Norman: University of Oklahoma Press.


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