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They Aim Not To Kill - Various - The New Wave Of The Grave New Beat Volume Two

Label: Our Future Records - OF010 • Format: CD Compilation • Country: UK • Genre: Rock • Style: Hardcore, Punk, Heavy Metal
Download They Aim Not To Kill - Various - The New Wave Of The Grave New Beat Volume Two

This level takes you back through the same terrain as Assault on the Control Room. You are immediately set upon by four Sentinels. Run and take cover behind the transparent shielding. Get out your Plasma Pistol and take out each Sentinel with They Aim Not To Kill - Various - The New Wave Of The Grave New Beat Volume Two charged shot.

Plasma weapons work very well against the Sentinels. A single direct hit from a charged shot will take one out. Run up and hit the switch on the right to open the door. This next battle is a nasty one. The Covenant will Massive Attack - Safe From Harm (Perfecto Mix) take out these Sentinels if you don't intercede, and you don't want that.

You want them to kill each other off down to the last man, so toss a Fragmentation Grenade or two into the middle of the Covenant group as soon as you see them. This will be a very long throw, but you just got a checkpoint, so you can restart if your aim is off. Hopefully this will not only kill off most of the Gruntsbut also blow their weapons your way.

After the initial Elite and Grunts, a second group consisting of an Elite and two Jackals will come out to fight. Try to work it so the Elites get killed before the Sentinels. You can fire off a few charged plasma bolts, but don't get too close. If you do, some of the Sentinels will turn their attention towards you.

Once they do, you'll have to take them out quickly. Try not to let that happen. Once the Sentinels are killed, pick up a Needler if one got blasted your way and use it on any remaining Elites. Use charged shots from your Plasma Pistol if you don't have a Needler. Run right up to the Elites as you're sending them charged shots then switch to your Shotgun and blast them.

Finish off the Jackals with more charged plasma shots. That's a lot of plasma to go through, so pick up another Plasma Pistol whenever you can. Pressing yourself up against either wall and crouching will provide cover, but not very much. So you'll have to do most of this battle without recharging. Once everything is dead, put your Shotgun in a very safe place Seven is a magic number/Siete es un número mágico - Shocking Blue - Shocking you grab a Needler, Plasma Pistol, and all the grenades you can carry.

Next comes another tough battle. Open the first door and move through. Immediately after opening the next big door that leads outside, retreat. A bunch of Grunts will come wandering in after you and you want to keep your distance.

Take these guys They Aim Not To Kill - Various - The New Wave Of The Grave New Beat Volume Two with charged plasma shots.

Back up to the site of the previous battle to recharge. Keep blasting until the Grunts are dead. Now you have two Jackals and two Elites to deal with. Get as close as you dare then look for an open enemy.

If it's an Elite, fire off a magazine of needles towards him. If it's a Jackal, fire off a charged plasma shot. Use the stationary shields if you're feeling courageous, but be careful of Jackals dropping them with charged shots. They do that sometimes. Remember; enemies cannot see you crouching behind a stationary shield even though you can see them so stealth is an option here.

Go back and grab more needles and a fresh Plasma Pistol when you're running low. Repeat until you've taken out nearly the entire Covenant. That last bad guy or two can be annoying to finish off, so don't worry about it. Find a decent Plasma They Aim Not To Kill - Various - The New Wave Of The Grave New Beat Volume Two and grab your Shotgun.

Run up one last time and send off a few charged plasma shots and a grenade or two. Whoever is left will probably run for cover so follow up with your Shotgun at close range, blasting Elites and bonking Jackals.

Now you can relax. No more tough battles for a while. Don't scavenge around here yet. Toss your Shotgun in a memorable spot and grab a Plasma Rifle. Keep your old Plasma Pistol as well.

Walk up the ramp and into the tower. At the end of the path are a Health kit, a Pistoland a Sniper Rifle. Toss both your weapons and grab these goodies. Remember where this ammo stash is.

You'll be flying back up here later. Head down to the site of the last battle. You should have a nice array of weapons by now. The Sniper Rifle doesn't have much ammo, so you'll want to save that for later. The Pistol and Shotgun are your two staples. Always keep these around. Since that's what you're facing next, grab a Needler but keep your Pistol.

Move off to the right assuming you're facing out towards the canyon and peek over the edge. You'll see several Covenant patrolling down below. Burn through all the nearby needles to soften them up then pick up a Plasma Pistol and toss the Needler.

Peek over the edge just far enough to fire off a charged plasma shot at an enemy then quickly switch to your Pistol and zoom in. If the shot hits, follow up with the Pistol. Keep Lay It Down - Moot Ditty - The Hustler this until either all the guys below you are dead or you run out of needles and Plasma Pistols.

Grab your Pistol and Shotgun and locate your Sniper Rifle. Continually switch it out with one of your weapons to toss it down to the level below. Follow it down and put your Shotgun in the face of anybody who was giving you trouble before. Now you have a large amount of space to work with and can look down on the enemies below you.

Needlers are once again very useful since you can rain needles on enemies who can't find any cover.

And if the Covenant aren't paying attention, you can often drop Plasma Grenades on them as well. Look off the left side first. There will be a couple of Elites and a Jackal here.

You definitely want to take these guys out with needles and grenades if you can. Head back to the right when you're done and take a look at the Covenant down below. A couple of Elites, a Jackal, and a Grunt. Head down the path and get the attention of the Elites then run back up top and move around behind them. Peer over the edge and toss a grenade onto them or let loose with a magazine of needles. Go back up and retrieve your Shotgun and Sniper Rifle. If you want to plan ahead, you can toss your Sniper Rifle down to the walkway below so you don't have to go as far to retrieve it later.

Or you can even take it with you, constantly switching it out with another one of your weapons. You should have already taken out these next guys from above, but if there's anyone left just use the chunks of debris as cover.

Sneak up then run out and pump a few Shotgun shells into them. Moving along you'll see two Grunts at the other end of the upcoming tunnel. Zoom in and kill them. Move up to where they were standing and take out the Jackal nearby with a few shots to his vulnerable spots with your Pistol. Toss your Shotgun remember where it is of course and pick up the Needlers dropped by the two Grunts. Stay out of the range of the two Elites ahead and unload your Needler on them.

A few magazines later they should be toast. Now you should go retrieve your Sniper Rifle. Pick it up; toss your Needler and head back down to the bottom floor of the pyramid. Part way down the last ramp you will get a checkpoint, so take a moment before you trigger it to make sure you're set. Run back to the ammo stash if you're running low on rounds for your Pistol or Shotgun.

And if you want you can move your Shotgun to the top of the ramp to make it more accessible later. Once you're ready, move ahead. After Лето - Сегодня Ночью - Долгая Дорога В Дюймах checkpoint, get your Sniper Rifle out and zoom in on the Banshee ahead of you.


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  3. They Aim Not to Kill They Aim Not to Kill. wishlist in wishlist» You own this · buy now · hear more; appears in 27 other collections. The New Wave Of The Grave New Beat - Volume Two, V / a (gift given) by 偏執症者 (Paranoid) The New Wave Of The Grave New Beat - Volume Two, V / a. by 偏執症者 (Paranoid) featured.
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  6. v/a - The New Wave of the Grave New Beat Volume II by Thisclose, released 28 June 1. Stray Bullet The Grave New Beat marches on! 24 mostly exclusive tracks from 17 different international artists - a 60 minute injection of hot hardcore action! The Album is not available for download, only as a physical CD which can be ordered below for £4 plus postage.
  7. Hopefully this will not only kill off most of the Grunts, but also blow their weapons your way. After the initial Elite and Grunts, a second group consisting of an Elite and two Jackals will come out to fight.

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