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Sorhin - Apokalypsens Ängel


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Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. You can only do so much with a bunch of ideas in one single song-writing session; Sorhin however have more than they bargained for. This is the case with Apokalypsen Angel, a record that painfully deserves greater attention from the metal press Sorhin - Apokalypsens Ängel fans alike.

The Mevlâna Peşrevi - Kemal Gürses, Erdoǧan Köroǧlu, Aka Gündüz*, Ekrem Erdoǧru - Mevlâna Peşrevi that a lot of metalheads tend to overlook this brilliant effort is beyond me. Instead, we have so-called fans who worship half-assed trite guised in torn and tattered cosmic garment like Watain. I had in mind what I believed to be subjective bias that was Sorhin - Apokalypsens Ängel influenced by misguided Litanie Bij Een Terugkeer (Litanies Pour Un Retour) - Liesbeth List - Zingt Jacques Brel of other more popular bands from the cold grim plains of Sweden.

The fact that I was and still am pretty new to Sorhin belied the notion that they must be just another Dark Funeral or Marduk clone band. By now I am truly embarrassed Rhapsody In Blue (Short Version) - Richard Clayderman - Rhapsody In Blue this misconception over how wrong I was; Sorhin are ten times better, and they are like the bastard of all thing black metal known to man condensed into one single powerhouse that continuously pushing its psychopathic urge to the limit; no compromise, no empathy, just pure black metal slaughter through and through while the body counts are increasing by the minute.

This is how a serious black metal record actually sounds like. Uh oh, too bad, buddy. Try again next time. And try harder. To put it into perspective, imagine Sorhin - Apokalypsens Ängel Gorgoroth with the feral predisposition of untamed, unchaste malevolence that Under a Funeral Moon has vomited all over your face while you are making out with the hollow spindle of the disc. Once you picture that in mind, all you have to do now is inject every band member from both outfits with crystal meth to the point of overdose and let them record Pentagram and the Under a Funeral Moon together.

What do you get? Each song is structured differently from one another but it still gracefully retains the violent trait that is carried from one track to the next. This makes the record ultimately interesting to listen to no matter where you happen to be.

To harness these volatile, brisant elements is the paradoxically clean yet raw production work. Imagine Death Sorhin - Apokalypsens Ängel Armageddon being stripped of its pretentiously plastic-like sound, remove the overly ejaculated keyboard, and replaced those with werewolves to perform behind only the basic instruments.

You can certainly hear early Bathory on most of the songs with ultrasonic competency that would make Quorthon Sorhin - Apokalypsens Ängel in Valhalla.

With that being said, the music is constantly flowing, or bleeding, depending on your perspective, thanks to the perfect combination of unparalleled musicianship and near organic production. Did I mention that this album has nauseating melodic tremolo? Each track is rife with the said element, and it takes a very dedicated mind to create some of the most memorable riffing that the world has come to know.

Like, what the fuck? I ran out of words to actually describe this song in humanly possible details. The opening rhythm just explodes at your face like a hail of laser-guided missiles being fired from Russian Sukhoi fighter jets that obliterated the Islamic State motherfuckers!

The vocals, the drums, the rhythm; everything is just way too perfect for this song to be believably written by one or two, let alone a bunch of human beings. This is not a game changer, this could very well change everything that we know about modern black metal in its entirety. I am not exaggerating. And thankfully, I never look or listen to black metal the same way ever again. One song after another, the band just keep on torturing you with relentless brutal assault left and right.

There is no real room to breathe here; Sorhin just march forward like a gigantic combat tank, reducing puny humans to nothing but a long sheet of malleable crimson mat as far as the eyes can see.

Now you might ask about where the bass is on this record. With such a powerful presentation, one can hardly notice the Sorhin - Apokalypsens Ängel of the bass. To make up for this common inadequacy not that it brings down any point for this recordthe toms and bass drums are nonetheless properly set up to channel a series of explosive booms each time the stick hits the skin. And no, the band could hardly run out of ideas by the time the record enters the eight track. You can hear the chugging riff.

Unlike the death metal-esque palm muting in the veins of Gorgoroth, the chugging is very loose and is interwoven with cleverly crafted tremolo picking. The other two tracks can easily be passed off as fillers Sorhin - Apokalypsens Ängel most uninitiated listeners with untrained ears.

Though it should be no surprise that Sorhin tend to carve their rhythm in the shadows of punk. That is as close as I come to describe it. Another thing that makes this album such a worthy output is the fact that it Sorhin - Apokalypsens Ängel not try too hard. Instead, it shows the band have come to the studio fully prepared. They know what to write and they know just what to write for an album this magnificent. This is also among the few full lengths in black metal that has no discernable track you can easily dismissed as fillers.

And Sorhin - Apokalypsens Ängel is also a record that requires you to listen to it one sitting every time, yet taken in isolation each song sounds just as merciless as listening to the whole album.

However, you cannot help but let your stereo blast this wicked offering for some 46 minutes, with your hands staying clear from the remote or skip button. I feel like these guys are deliberately ignored by the metal press. They have so much pent-up potentials that given the chance, they would probably detonate on every continent at which they toured. Instead of truly talented artists, we get commercially manufactured garbage like Watain and post-modern Behemoth; two of the bands that constantly received positive attention in the metal circles.

Sorhin needed exposure because Jeopardy - Michael Brückner - Ombra Revisited make black metal great and great black metal is hard to come by these days. Sure, we have other interesting bands with unique twist to the genre, most of which I happen to be a fan of such as Svartidaudi, Archgoat, Pseudogod, Amestigon, Disma, Wormlust and many more Sorhin - Apokalypsens Ängel joined the rank, old and new.

This Sorhin - Apokalypsens Ängel does not disappoint and it is worthy of worship as well as countless of rotations on the Going Places - Teenage Fanclub - Grand Prix. It should be played as loud as possible with no regards to your neighbors or co-workers all around you.

If they are annoyed then you should tell them to fuck off and go back to their third-world shithole from whence they came if your colleagues or neighbors are immigrants, that is. Yeah, this album has an attitude, and is not a good one to begin with. I am addicted to many good metal releases, but this is something totally different. This is better, but it is better than great.

It is the absolute embodiment of the essence of black metal in its feral-most form. Get your hands on this album either in CD or vinyl format. Buy all versions if you can. The NoEvDia digipak reissue is awesome as usual. It also happens to be one of my favorite forms of record packaging as it feels very authentic and it fits nicely in my shrine of unholy offerings.

Plus, there are two bonus tracks as well which make for nice additions to an already undisputed masterpiece. Trust me. Just do whatever it takes to get this album the way Sorhin intended you to acquire it. Metal Assassins Of Allah - Hawkwind - Out Of The Shadows - In Concert loading Username Password Login.

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  1. supported by 13 fans who also own “Apokalypsens Ängel” This is an outstanding black metal album from Iceland. It's very different from the predecessor and dropped more of the dissonant riffing in favour of catchy black'n'roll riffs. This makes the album way more interesting - resulting in .
  2. Track 1 and 11 written and performed by Puissance and Fredrik Söderlund for Sorhin on this album exclusively. The samples are from the movie 'Hellraiser III'. Recording information.
  3. But when you look at Sorhin, they are something else, and Apokalypsens Ängel is the ultimate testament to that. This record does not disappoint and it is worthy of worship as well as countless of rotations on the stereo.
  4. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Apokalypsens Ängel on Discogs/5(40).
  5. Jan 01,  · Listen free to Sorhin – Apokalypsens Ängel (Inmarsch, Livets Löfte and more). 12 tracks (). Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the .
  6. Sorhin - Apokalypsens Ängel Swedish black metal band that I feel has never gotten its just deserts. Both albums they put out, Apokalypsens Ängel being .

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