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Universe - Interwybez - Universe / Funion

Label: Blutonium Records - BLU-187 • Format: 3x, File MP3 • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic • Style: Hardstyle
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First, you need a gem at the core of your being. Then you need a body that can turn into light. Then you need a partner who you trust with that light. Steven and Greg riding on the shoulders of Alexandrite, the fusion of Garnet and, by extension, Ruby and SapphireAmethyst, and Pearl. Fusion Gems are the product of multiple Gems or half-Gems, who can fuse with both Gems and humans. Fusions are formed when the participants are emotionally harmonious with each other.

This state can be spontaneous, but it is usually achieved deliberately through a synchronized dance. Some dominant features in Gems can occur in their fusions, such as Pearl's nose shape. MalachiteGarnet, and Alexandriteshowed that one component Gem can take control of the fusion. It Universe - Interwybez - Universe / Funion also possible for different Gems to take control of different parts of the fusion, as proven by Lapis Lazuli's control of Malachite's hydrokinesis while Jasper was in control of the body.

For Malachite and Alexandrite, the Gem in control's voice was layered over the fusion's voice to show control. However, for Garnet, this was not done; it was only the fusion's voice, although it is unknown whether this is intentional. Certain inflicted defects can be carried and spread through fusion, Universe - Interwybez - Universe / Funion as corruption.

To fuse, Gems must be in perfect sync mentally, physically, and emotionally. Fusions are usually formed when two or more Gems perform a synchronized dance, though this is only optional, as seen with Smoky Quartz. Each fusion's dance is different. Same type Gems are able to fuse by physical contact.

If successful, Gems transform into an amorphous mass of light before fully transforming. During the process of fusion, the gemstones of the participating Gems are visible and will morph into their corresponding locations from their fusing Gems. However, Sardonyx was the first fusion Gem not to show gemstones during fusion.

If unsuccessful, Gems will be ejected before finishing the entire transformation. Garnet gives Greg a more literal explanation of fusing in a romantic sense, that the Gems turn into light and have to be trusting of the other Gem with their light.

This isn't always the case, as Lapis Lazuli fused with Jasper, whom she did not trust; but fused with a purpose to stop her. Although it's seemingly impossible for a human to fuse with a gem, Steven, being part human and part gem, has the ability to fuse with both gems and humans, the first human fusion being Stevonnie. However, it took a great amount of training and focus for Steven to be able to perform fusion, and it's shown that with his training and progress halted by Spinel's Gem Rejuvenatorfusing with his father proved extremely exhausting and damaging for the gem hybrid.

Additionally, it appears as though it is the gem that holds the fusion together; this is demonstrated when Steven is drained from fusing with his father, yet Greg is completely Eberhard Weber - Orchestra when defused. With Stevenhowever, especially Steven and Conniethis formation is slightly different, as when a participant is a human or half-human, the gemstones aren't visible, and instead, Steven's gem melds the physical bodies together.

Smoky Quartz is possibly a fusion where Steven's body melds with Amethyst's light-based form. Fusions are capable of fusing with other Gems, first exhibited in " Coach Steven ", in which Garnet fuses with Amethyst to form Sugilite. Universe - Interwybez - Universe / Funion same Gems will produce the same fusion regardless of which order they combine in.

Crash Test Dummies - Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm fusion embodies a relationship between the participants. However, it appears that one of the participants of the fusion must be physically formed and in contact with the retreated gem for fusion to occur.

Fusing with a retreated gem "unlocks" their physical form, and they will gain their body back upon de-fusing instead of retreating back into their gem.

De-fusion is a process in which a fusion splits into its component Gems. During the de-fusion process, fusion Gems will reverse Universe - Interwybez - Universe / Funion fusion process. The fusion will turn back into a mass of light before splitting back into its original participating fusees. During the de-fusion, the gemstones of the participating Gems are visible with the odd exception of Sardonyx de-fusing in "Cry for Help". Another example of a stable de-fusion Los Nastys - Me Lo Encontré Así in "Cry for Help" when Sardonyx de-fuses into a flash of light, leaving Garnet and Pearl holding each other.

As well as that, in " Hit the Diamond ", when Garnet figures out a plan to send Universe - Interwybez - Universe / Funion the Rubies, Ruby and Sapphire slowly fuse out of each other, holding hands. An unstable de-fusion occurs when the fusees have a very high conflict of opinion or one or all is experiencing an overwhelming emotion, causing a stand-out Universe - Interwybez - Universe / Funion and the fusion to fall apart.

This is shown by the Universe - Interwybez - Universe / Funion being thrown out of the fusion. The first example of this is Roll Over Beethoven - Various - Essential Rock in the episode " Giant Woman " when Pearl and Amethyst argue over the Heaven Beetlecausing the fusion to become un-synchronized and forcing them to de-fuse.

This is also shown when Alexandrite argues over a bit of shrimp, causing de-synchronization and de-fusion. Similar incidents nearly occurred with Malachite as she was being pulled to the bottom of the Nit De Males Llums - Miquel Serra - La Felicitat Dels Animals and Garnet Universe - Interwybez - Universe / Funion she was facing a Cluster Gem.

Whenever a fusion with a smaller, more stable fusion as a component undergoes an unstable de-fusion, the smaller fusion briefly de-fuses as well but can still hold themself together once the larger fusion has broken apart. This is seen with Ruby and Sapphire in Garnet when the latter is ejected from Alexandrite and Sardonyx.

Another unstable de-fusion through conflict was shown in " Keystone Motel ". When Garnet's component Gems are arguing over Universe - Interwybez - Universe / Funion betrayal of their trust, Ruby ends the fusion by speaking through Garnet, saying "Then you can just go.

In " Mindful Education ", Garnet explains that if at least one of the fusees is emotionally unstable during the fusion, it can cause the fusion to become "unbalanced" and lose touch with reality, hallucinate, and ultimately defuse. This was demonstrated when Stevonnie began hallucinating during a training session with Pearl, and it explained previous instances of Stevonnie hallucinating in " Alone Together " and " Beach City Drift ".

During Stevonnie's training, Connie is reminded of an event she is upset about, resulting in Stevonnie defusing. This occurs again in the episode, this time as a Universe - Interwybez - Universe / Funion of Steven's feelings to similar memories he has. He can re-fuse with Connie after she offers him perspective and understanding about the incidents. A damaged de-fusion occurs when the fusion takes on severe physical damage, as shown in "Coach Steven".

When Sugilite is injured by her flail, she "poofs" back to Garnet and Amethyst. During a damaged de-fusion, the original Gems do not retreat into their gemstones to regenerate. However, the damage caused to the fusion will be carried on to the component gems, as Garnet and Amethyst were unable to move and had "a monster headache". An example of this is when Jasper stabs Garnet with a Gem Destabilizer, causing Garnet's body to fall apart.

She poofs back into her original Gems, Ruby and Sapphire. However, unlike Sugilite, the damage caused to Garnet's body also caused severe damage to both Ruby and Sapphire, forcing them into their gemstones to regenerate. The Gem Destabilizer effects share common traits shown by Yellow Diamond's energy blasts. An additional example is seen when Obsidian de-fuses into Steven, Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst after being smashed into a large wall by the Diamond Mech. Garnet, think about this.

You and Amethyst can be a little The unknown Gems that formed the Cluster Universe - Interwybez - Universe / Funion is an example of an artificial fusion.

Gems in this category are so shattered they are utterly unaware of themselves nor at what is happening around them; only seeking out other Gems in an attempt to find their missing pieces. The half-corrupted Zebra Dont Stop The Rock - Various - Freestyle Vol. 24 fusion. Uncorrupted Gems can fuse with Corrupted Gems without the consent of the corrupted Gem.

However, the corrupted Gem can escape the fusion if she fights back hard enough. The process of fusing damages the uncorrupted Gem's gemstone, eventually fully corrupting it. This was first shown in " Earthlings ", when Jasper fused with the Snow Monster a corrupted Ocean Jasper and later became corrupted herself.

It's never like that! Whenever I've fused, it's always just been me, but bigger, I I've never had a third eye before.

Whereas different Gems fusing creates a new Gem with a new personality, fusions among Gems of the same type simply create a larger version of the Gems that are fusing.

Because of the lack of individuality of mind and physical construct, there are no new personalities. Because all the fusing Gems are naturally synchronized, each Gem feels as themselves but they are actually all together as one, shown for the first time in "The Answer".

If two Wardogs - NYC Mayhem - The Metal Days / The Crossover Days are of the same type but are not identical, they would still form a larger version of themselves in build, but with a combined color palette and outfit, as displayed with the five-Gem Ruby fusion.

Due to the natural synchronization resulting from their similar personalities, Gems of the same type do not need to form using a complex dance whereas two different Gems usually must perform a fusion dance to synchronize.

This is shown in "The Answer" where three Rubies quickly fused after simply forming a pyramid. First coined by Peridot when referring to Garnet, it is later revealed that fusions similar in nature exist on Homeworld. These permanent fusions are only seen as acceptable for some Gem types, and only among those of the same type.

As shown in " Are You My Dad? Evidence of these Topazes being a permanent fusion is their choice to remain fused when leaving Earth despite having no hostages inside of them and, thus, no purpose for remaining fused.

Any Perma-Fusions made up of different types of Gems are immediately rejected by Homeworldand the Diamonds, as shown in " The Answer ". Another instance of a similar concept is when Garnet seems to converse separately as Ruby and Sapphire before starting to de-fuse in "Keeping It Together" and "Keystone Motel", giving light to their opposing opinions.

In "Mindful Education", Garnet and Stevonnie, using a meditative technique, can enter the same fusion realm. The two fusions witness their fusees confront their negative feelings. The abilities of Gem fusions vary based on the two Gems who fuse.

Whenever a Gem fuses to make a weapon, they combine their original weapons to create a new one composed of those two or more weapons. If a Universe - Interwybez - Universe / Funion possesses significant other abilities, such as Sapphire's future vision, that may also be incorporated into the fusion's abilities.

Obsidian's Greatsword is unique among the fusion weapons as all their components' weapons only form the hilt of the weapon, and the blade stemming from a forge in one of their mouths. In addition, Steg's Double Necked Guitar arises from the fusion of external objects that are not summoned from the Gem's gemstone. Full-Gem Fusions. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Possible Steven - Crystal Gem Fusions 3 messages.


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  5. Apr 08,  · Steven Universe is a half-human, half-Gem hero who's learning to save the world with the magical powers that come from his bellybutton. Steven may not be as powerful as the Crystal Gems. Or as smart.

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