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Winter Nomad - Tommy Jay - Tommy Jays Tall Tales Of Trauma

Label: Columbus Discount Records - CDR020 • Format: CD Album, Limited Edition, Reissue • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Lo-Fi, Psychedelic, Folk
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They had two releases on the Siltbreeze label before disbanding in The cassette release has two side-long practices that are actually worth hearing. Messy and incoherent, UN sounds as if recording only takes place after long bouts of sleep deprivation, but few Engaged (Indecent Noise Remix) - Paul Webster - JPW Remixed match the utter desolation of this deceptively simple music.

Thanks to the original uploader on Indie Torrents for ripping this gem. The change in direction is due in part to the addition of two new members; Donald Beaman and Jacob Morris joined the core duo of drummer Jeff McLeod and guitarist David Greenhill after the release of Loose Crochet. But the biggest reason for the change might be due to an accident.

Just before the band was set to record their second LP, McLeod hurt is hand so badly that he could not play drums. But instead of postponing the sessions, the band decided to go forward using electronics instead of live drums. And, remarkably, it worked.

Palm Fronds sounds nothing like a band playing with a handicap. Rather, the drum machines and other gadgets fit perfectly and naturally into the songs. It never sounds like a compromise. Lego - Małpa - Mówi songs sound fully as if this is the way they are supposed to sound. Obviously the band rethought their entire approach to music making and allowed for the new sounds to become an organic and necessary part of their Winter Nomad - Tommy Jay - Tommy Jays Tall Tales Of Trauma methods.

It does a fine job of completing the picture of the band's early work. Appearing a year after the long-awaited three-disc With the Lights Outwhich was supposed to be a clearinghouse for all existing Nirvana demos and rarities, Sliver: The Best of the Box is a single-disc compilation of highlights from that set. Of course, a comp like this needs to have collector bait in order to guarantee interest from the die-hard fans, so in addition to 19 previously released cuts, this has three previously unreleased tracks, most noteworthy being the demo of "Spank Thru," recorded when Kurt Cobain's band was called Fecal Matter.

The other two songs are a studio demo of "Sappy," the song first released under the title "Verse Chorus Verse" on the No Alternative various-artists album, and a "Boom Box Version" of "Come as You Are," which is a taped rehearsal take of the song recorded before Nevermind.

All three of these would have fit nicely on the box and arguably should have been there, especially "Spank Thru," which is the best of the earliest Nirvana-related recordingsand for obsessives, they're enough to warrant a grudging, hesitant purchase. The real question is, whether Sliver is worthwhile for serious fans who nevertheless for whatever reason don't want three discs of demos and outtakes. The answer is: kinda. Most of the major songs from With the Lights Out are here, but not all of them.

But it has to be said that due to its source material of home recordings and lo-fi tapes, Sliverlike With the Lights Outis not easy listening and demands listeners' utmost attention — and if listeners are willing to concentrate that hard on Nirvana rarities, they'd probably be better off getting three discs of the stuff instead of just one.

Four brand spankin' new tracks from one of the most exciting up and coming bands. This release continues the fascination with expanding on the kraut rock musical template I Need A Freak (Remix By Edwin Bautista) - Various - Wicked Mix 24 out by bands like Cluster and Ash Ra Tempel throwing in some pretty obvious Winter Nomad - Tommy Jay - Tommy Jays Tall Tales Of Trauma Riley influences for good measure.

Highly recommended. Once again, Will Oldham emerges out of the murky, Midwestern haze with another helping of lovely, low-key musings on his fourth full-length album, Arise, Thereforethis time recorded under the name Palace Music previously Palace Brothers, Palace Songs, or just plain Palace. Much quieter than Viva Last Blues and less-Appalachian in its folk spirit than Palace's earlier music, the songs on Arise, Therefore shift and moan with breathy cracks and shivers; Oldham's meandering, poet-speak vocals; and guitar accompanied by his brother, Ned's bass, David Grubbs' piano, and surprise!

The lyrics included for the first time are beautiful in their stark, pale honesty as often as they are indecipherable. Leaving the bulk of their catalog to the Flying Nun label, Tall Dwarfs have found another friend in the Homstead imprint for releasing this excellent collection of tracks from a handful of the group's rare EP's.

The New Zealand lo-fi innovators are certainly well-represented with these 22 varied and top-notch sides from the first half of the '80s. With plenty of deft guitar, organ, and handclapping work to go around, fans new to Hello Cruel World will soon understand why it gave the Dwarfs their widest audience after being released in the late '80s. Sun Ra ambles between vigorous hard bop, ambitious, adventurous free jazz, and African and Afro-Latin material on the 15 selections featured on this set of '50s and early '60s tracks.

The second half consists of rehearsal tapes from with The Arkestra steadily progressing and moving beyond conventional jazz modes into multiple rhythms, chants, and twisting, roaring arrangements spiced by vividly expressive solos. Plus, like every other disc in the series, it is superbly remastered. The result is a minimal album of silence occasionally interrupted by strange dissonance that quietly reaps noisy havoc on your mind.

The many collaborators make Goodbye 20th Century a curious listen -- certainly not your standard Sonic Youth album. But anyone looking for standard fare here is going to be greatly disappointed. These aren't songs -- they're compositions and they're performed as such.

Alt-rock this is not. While the collaboration is a little long-winded -- the "EP" lasts nearly an hour -- and is the most difficult of the first three SYR recordings, it also provides some of Winter Nomad - Tommy Jay - Tommy Jays Tall Tales Of Trauma best music of the series. It just takes a little digging to find it. All the members of SY switch instruments on the record, and O'Rourke pushes them into free jazz territory. Occasionally, they can get lost in the murk, drifting into long static stretches that barely rise above a murmur.

More often, though, the music is fascinating, with the subtle layers and seamless transitions becoming mesmerizing. It takes a little work to get into SYR 3 -- a recording that is more complex and ambitious than its full-length follow-up, A Thousand Leaves -- but the cerebral, difficult music is worth the effort.

A noisier record than its predecessor, SYR 2 nevertheless shares the same modus operandi -- namely, it's purely improvised music that gleefully wanders into uncharted territory. Even at its noisiest, the EP reveals that Sonic Youth has remarkable interplay. Each member can sense Winter Nomad - Tommy Jay - Tommy Jays Tall Tales Of Trauma the other will go, and that's what's so fascinating about the EPs -- there are no clear-cut themes, structures, or leaders, it's simply Sonic Youth without a harness.

Toward the end of the record, the band ventures into quieter territory, immediately making clear their influence on such post-rock bands as Tortoise. Although SYR 2 is slightly less rewarding than SYR 1its unpredictable, continually shifting sonics make for an endlessly intriguing listen. The 3Ds' belated American debut was actually even more of a bonus for stateside fans, combining the band's first two EPs with two unreleased songs recorded on four-track and featuring Rachel King on bass both of these songs would later be rerecorded for the band's full-length debut album, Hellzapoppin.

Neither song is terribly unique, but each makes a fun adjunct to a fine compilation for those lacking the original releases. When King Records owner Syd Nathan refused to fund the recording, thinking it commercial folly, Brown single-mindedly proceeded anyway, paying for it out of his own pocket.

He had been out on the road night after night for a while, and he knew that the magic that was part and parcel of a James Brown show was something no record had ever caught.

The affirmative screams and cries of the audience are something you've never experienced unless you've seen the Brown Revue in a Black theater. If you have, I need not say more; if you haven't, suffice to say that this should be one of the very first records you ever own. The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter is the Incredible String Band's most ambitious album, with Robin Williamson and Mike Winter Nomad - Tommy Jay - Tommy Jays Tall Tales Of Trauma employing an Albi - Sina* - All:Tag of unusual instruments sitar, gimbri, pan pipe, oud, chahanai, and moreand Dolly Collins adding a couple of the more dignified arrangements.

It's usually considered their most important effort by critics, but there were also traces of the sprawling, occasionally grating lack of focus that would increasingly come to characterize their work.

While the Beatles flew off to meet the Maharishi, Fay fell under the spell of a 19th century compendium of commentaries on the Biblical books of Daniel and Revelations Winter Nomad - Tommy Jay - Tommy Jays Tall Tales Of Trauma , which would inspire his second album, Time of the Last Persecution. But before the born-agains jump on to the Fay bandwagon, they should be warned that the artist was equally influenced by the ravaging events of the day. The title track, "Time of the Last Persecution," was written in an immediate and visceral response to the killings of four students at Kent State.

Even inthe intensity of Fay's lyrics -- reflecting his commentaries in their poetical language, their highly introspective nature, the brooding quality of the music, all exquisitely enhanced by Ray Russell's evocative blues guitar work -- left most reviewers cold and confused. In truth, the album would have slotted much more neatly into the coming firestorm that descended on Britain later in the decade, and would have provided a surprisingly supple bridge between the apocalyptic visions of roots reggae and the political polemics of punk.

The set certainly contains all the fire and fury of the latter movement, as well as the deeply dread atmospheres of the former. Bywith the rise of evangelicalism and Christian rock, Persecution no longer sounds so obscure or out of place; it is, however, a personal journey of spirituality, not a platform from which to proselytize. For all its dark vision, it's the possibility of peace and hope that shines through the gloom, and as for all the seeming quietude of the music, it thunders, too, with a power and emotion that speak in volumes as loudly as Fay's striking lyrics.

Unfairly, music historians tend to overlook bands like the Gibson Bros. This omission is unfortunate, because without the Gibson Bros. Recorded primarily at the Stache's legendary live music dive in Columbus, Superflyin (Original Mix) - Chus & Ceballos - Afterdark Volume Two, Columbus Soul 85 is probably the rawest, noisiest record of the Gibson Bros.

Overflowing with attitude and swagger, Columbus should prove to be a good time for those with the ability to decipher the rock Es Ist Das Böse - Woroc - Berlin Berlin (Best Of Woroc-Beatz) the noise.

With its mix of riotous Gibson originals like "Where's Elvis? While all of this may at first sound like a condemnation of the Bros. Later, better-produced releases like Memphis Sol Today! The Heart and Soul set rectified the errors of Still by including some far better live performances on its fourth and final disc, but Joy Division aficionados spoke of even better recordings still never formally released.

This complaint was settled with Prestonthe first of two archival concert recordings, both of which finally do justice to the band's stage work. It's an important point, Winter Nomad - Tommy Jay - Tommy Jays Tall Tales Of Trauma Joy Division were a band able to work on three different levels with equal brilliance -- on singles, album, and in concert -- and Preston is the first real document able to demonstrate the latter point beyond question.

Though the performance was beset with technical woes, as the members audibly mention at points between songs, there was still definite magic in the air. If the recording levels aren't as perfect as they could be, with Curtis himself sometimes a touch too muffled, they're certainly a cut above simple bootleg sound, while the quartet itself generally exchange the subtler shadows for a more direct but no less gripping approach. Nearly half of Closer appears some months before its release.

The arrangements were already well worked out, "Twenty Four Hours" shifting effortlessly between lower-key brooding and explosion; "The Eternal" given a quietly majestic, unsettling extended opening, Morris' crisp, weirdly thin drums and Sumner's wheezing, distanced keyboards leading the way. Curtis projects Winter Nomad - Tommy Jay - Tommy Jays Tall Tales Of Trauma expected air of desperation mixed with intense fire, but even when the levels reduce him to a slur he's nothing less than commanding, his lyrics cutting through the music with intensity.

In direct contrast to the Closer version, his singing on "Heart and Soul" is much more upfront, though heavily drenched with reverb. Sumner in particular kicks up a storm on guitar, familiar riffs from the studio takes bursting with energy, slashing across the songs there's no other way to describe the performances on "Wilderness," "Shadowplay," and "Transmission".

For Thompson, it's not so much a return to the scene he had always kept recording, after all as a continuation of his themes of musical eclecticism.

It's not as highly recommended as his two subsequent Drag City releaes Amor and Language and Hazelwhich state the same thematic concerns with a tad more melodicism and warmth.

With This Love - Peter Gabriel - Passion - Music For The Last Temptation Of Christ, opening cut "Vamos Companeros" has an intense Fantasy In C Minor BWV562 - Wolfgang Rübsam - Bach Organ Works line from Rother that in its nervous, choppy way suggests everything from Wire to Bauhaus, not to mention Eno's own noted production clients, U2.

Having already created two Winter Nomad - Tommy Jay - Tommy Jays Tall Tales Of Trauma albums, the core Harmonia trio was easily placed to whip up a third, with Nor The Silent Whispers - Dark Throne* - Soulside Journey the wild-card factor who turned out to be a perfect addition. While contributing some lyrics and singing at a time when he was steering away firmly from both in his own solo work, most of the time Eno lets the band speak for itself musically, most notably adding snaky, quietly threatening basslines.

Compositions range from the lengthy to just fragments, and while it feels at points more like a collection of sessions than necessarily a complete stand-alone album conceived as such, the end results are still well worth hearing.

The contemplative "By the Riverside," which could easily have turned up on Eno's Before and After Science where his related collaboration with Cluster, "By This River," appeared is a slow treasure, a core keyboard loop providing the slow-paced rhythm.

If there's less of the glittering glaze of the earlier Harmonia albums, the explorations in ambient sound and mysterious and murky textures make for a more than fair exchange. As the liner notes put it, "This album marks the end of FSA phase one. Bringing together a scattered variety of tracks in the same way that Distance did, Chorus includes songs from singles, compilation cuts, and the entirety of a John Peel session for good measure. Two cuts appear twice in alternate versions -- the appropriately titled "Feedback Song," which also crops up in a demo take, and "There but Not There," appearing as well in a dub take and both featuring the talents of regular FSA collaborator Rocker.

Even more so than DistanceChorus captures FSA trying out a wide variety of approaches, from minimal, acoustic arrangements, as on the Brook-sung "Beach Red Lullaby," to more of the fierce and somehow elegant guitar sound swells the mind-melting "Second Hour" providing an astonishing instance of the latter. Some fairly conventional numbers, for FSA at least, turn up -- "Always" has a lovely, pop-friendly melody that places the song much closer to out-and-out shoegazing than most of the band's other work.

Pearce's singing generally favors the more shadowy, buried approach of earlier efforts than the somewhat clearer approach on Furtherbut still haunting and mysterious in contrast to the web of music surrounding it. Here and there various references to earlier work crop up -- continuing the series started on the self-titled debut, the stripped-down "Popul Vuh III" takes a bow.


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  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Tommy Jay's Tall Tales Of Trauma on Discogs/5(16).
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  4. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Tommy Jay's Tall Tales Of Trauma on Discogs.5/5(2).
  5. Nashville Rockabilly - From Tommy Jay - Enjoy all the music albums and top video tracks of Tommy Jay here on Frogtoon Music. Video Tracks include: I Was There, Last Hurrah, Tough Luck Roy, Memories, Dreamland, Old Hemingway, Ocean, Fear Of Shadows, Winter Nomad, Village Idiot, and .
  6. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Gatefold Vinyl release of Tommy Jay's Tall Tales Of Trauma on Discogs/5(9).
  7. Nov 26,  · Tommy Jay's Tall Tales of Trauma, originally released on cassette by Mike Rep's Old Age/No Age label in , is seeing a bit more daylight this year thanks to Columbus Discount dianamathagamarimtrueblade.infoinfo it be known that the Quotas' drummer and a seasoned collaborator is also responsible for an americana psych-folk gem.
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